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The company claimed top spot in the Technology Adoption Maturity Index (TAMI), which is a proprietary benchmarking service to help contractors measure their tech usage against an industry index and their peers to determine optimal investment in new construction technologies. Boston-based national builder  Suffolk  and Florida-based Haskell  received silver honours for their tied score. Rose Hall , Construction's Head of Innovation, said: "Interest in new technology, especially to reduce risks and boost productivity, is picking up throughout the construction industry and companies like PCL, Suffolk and Haskell are leading the way, demonstrating to the rest of the market the power and possibilities of great tech adoption." Using TAMI, AXA XL's Construction risk engineers evaluate and score contractors on their technology use in four key areas: Enterprise Software such as solutions for accounting/ERP, document and process automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), customer relationship management, data analytics, scheduling, bidding, estimating, subcontractor prequalification, and others. Field Management including prefabrication/offsite construction, robotics, safety management, quality management, project management, worker protection, telemedicine, supply chain management and others. IoT Sensors including worker wearables, water mitigation, fleet telematics, equipment and asset management, and others. Reality Capture including drones, laser scanning, photogrammetry, computer vision, augmented reality, virtual reality and digital twin. PCL Construction Services recently began construction on the 20MWAC Arlington Solar Farm in Early County in southwest Georgia. Databasics , a time and expense management solutions provider, has completed  Sage  certification for their pre-built integration to Sage Intacct's Construction. Sage Intacct customers can find the integrated time and expense management application in the  Sage Intacct Marketplace .

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Mt. Hope Cemetery, Michigan Edgar Hoover, the cemetery is the final resting place for many famous (and infamous) people. To study future rattles in the area, the USGS installed a portable seismometer in the cemetery as part of the  DC-SHAKE deployment in 2014.  So far, the buried seismometer has yet to capture the rumbles from a zombie disco party.   As you descend the many stairs into the gaping dark cavity of Mammoth Cave National Park, you might wonder, will I make it out alive? Fortunately for scientists doing research at the cave in Kentucky, the answer has been yes. The underground labyrinth of caves is the world’s longest system, with over 405 miles (651 km) mapped. The  caves formed 10 million years ago  when groundwater began to dissolve the region’s limestone and carve out openings. The groundwater also left behind minerals that then turned into speleothems like stalactites , which creepily hang in jagged protrusions from the ceiling and stalagmites, which rise from the floor.  Historic Entrance to Mammoth Cave National Park If you’re ever in New Zealand and keen to explore something a bit gory, be sure to add Dead Horse Gully to your list. “There was supposedly a dead horse many moons ago, but we never observed the dead horse itself,” Alex Hatem, a USGS research geologist, said. Hatem was at the site to look for evidence of movement along the Clarence fault over the past 10,000 years to try to figure out the recurrence of past earthquakes. She did not report seeing evidence of any horse ghosts.  With a name seemingly fit for a magical spell, aragonite actually describes the calcium carbonate that makes up a coral’s skeleton. The USGS, in tandem with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and other organizations,  are exploring deep-sea corals , among other creatures, to better understand how they react to climate change. As the ocean absorbs more and more atmospheric carbon dioxide, sea water becomes more acidic, limiting the supply of carbonate. Without carbonate, corals and other shelled organisms have a harder time building and maintaining their structure, leaving them to haunt the seafloor in skeletal form.   Humans can’t fly like witches, vampires and ghosts can, so we rely on imagery to see landmarks like cemeteries from high above. Horror movie Night of the Living Dead was more info here released in 1968, launching its filming site, Evans City Cemetery in Pennsylvania, into infamy. In 1969, the USGS captured aerial images of the iconic cemetery, which are archived among other historical images on the  USGS EarthExplorer . Today,  USGS  and NASA scientists operate  Landsat  satellites for the most haunting aerial views.   This image shows the infamous Evans City Cemetery in Pennsylvania from above. (Credit: USGS) At 5:07 in the morning local time on October 31, 1895, an estimated magnitude-6.8 earthquake  rumbled through Charleston, Missouri . People felt tremors as far away as Pittsburg, New Orleans and Topeka! Despite its widespread impact and fairly strong shaking, the earthquake caused no deaths and few injuries. It was the strongest quake to hit the central states since 1812. Because of that, all 12,000 telephone switches on the main Chicago exchange lit up simultaneously, creating a chaotic (and bright) scene for the telephone company operators.  They’re not exactly mummies, and not exactly zombies, but they’re decades old, desiccated, diseased and...dead. A  recent USGS study  of museum snake specimens shows that  snake fungal disease , a skin infection threatening many important, living snake populations, existed in the U.S. over 50 years earlier than previously thought. Caused by a freaky fungus, snake fungal disease can lead to skin lesions, scabs and crusty scales, which can be deadly for some snakes. While the disease doesn’t affect humans, it’s a particular horror for species like the  eastern massasauga rattlesnake ,  eastern indigo snake  and  Louisiana pinesnake,  all of which are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The discovery can help inform management decisions to better protect living snake populations before they join their ancestors in the dark corridors of a museum.   This rat snake is a preserved museum specimen with snake fungal disease that was collected in Tennessee in 1973.